Brazil’s solar capacity hits 34.9 GW, surpassing wind in national energy mix

PV Magazine   2023-12-02 09:51:32

New statistics from Absolar show that Brazil's solar capacity reached 34.9 GW in October, surpassing wind power to account for 15.8% of the country's total generation capacity.

Hydroelectric plants, once more than 80% of Brazil's generating capacity, now account for 49% of the total.

The statistics, collected by Absolar up to Nov. 14, show that there is 10.1 GW of centralized solar generatingf capacity and 24.7 GW of distributed-generation capacity.

Developers have installed 9.8 GW of solar thus far this year, with 3.3 GW of centralized capacity and 6.5 GW of distributed-generation capacity, according to data from Brazilian regulator Aneel.