Romania to install 8 GW PV parks by 2030

Serbia Energy   2023-12-06 08:13:33

Romania plans to install a photovoltaic solar capacity of over 8 GW by 2030, representing 24% of the gross final electricity consumption from renewable sources, President Klaus Iohannis announced on December 3, speaking at the COP28 summit after Romania entered the International Solar Alliance.

“Romania's commitment to increase its installed solar energy capacity is fully aligned with the EU Strategy on Solar Energy and will contribute to the implementation of the Agreement in Paris" the Romanian president said.

Klaus Iohannis added that by joining the International Solar Alliance. Romania will have wider and deeper cooperation with India. the host of the Alliance Secretariat. as well as with other countries interested in accelerating climate change mitigation. Grater climate ambition also translates into more opportunities for the economy and citizens.

President Iohannis also expressed the country's aspirations of becoming a regional frontrunner in nuclear energv implementation.